The XPRIMER system – new functionalities meeting new needs

We are aware that technological development is an indispensable element of our times and the IT industry. The reality that surrounds us and the solutions we provide change very dynamically, which is why our programming department constantly watches over the improvement and refinement of our proprietary software. As a company specialised in the creation of IT systems, we try to anticipate the needs of customers and provide them with solutions that enable them to gain a competitive advantage on the market, as well as constantly optimise them. We do not like to be groundless, so we are pleased to inform you that our proprietary XPRIMER 3.2 system has just been updated to the newer version of XPRIMER 3.2.3. It is a comprehensive software for managing and improving business processes in an enterprise, so it is obvious to us that it must be functional and follow the constantly changing needs of users.


The most important improvements from XPRIMER 3.2 to 3.2.3 are:

  • even more intuitive filtering capability across the entire platform
  • increased security of data storage and updating
  • much greater compatibility with web browsers
  • expanded possibilities in the field of employee self-service


XPRIMER is a solution that helps in managing business processes not only in clients’ companies, but also inside our organisation. At eq system, we pay special attention to both close cooperation between individual teams and internal communication. XPRIMER is an invaluable support in these processes and thanks to it we can verify its usefulness on an ongoing basis, supplement it with new functionalities and ensure that the system is as intuitive and accessible as possible. XPRIMER allowed us to implement a very high transparency of business processes, and thus enabled continuous improvement of both internal communication and the implementation of particular projects. The continuous optimisation of our proprietary XPRIMER software is therefore a process in which not only our programmers and specialists from the research and development department participate, but also the entire organisation, which is created by all eq system employees. More information on the XPRIMER system.

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