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Kuehne Nagel

Kuehne + Nagel chose eq system primarily as a business partner who will assess the company’s starting situation, designate elements that should be improved before starting the project, and then propose, adapt and implement the appropriate tool to achieve the business and strategic goals. In this case, this tool is the XPRIMER communication platform





Business Area

Human resources management (HRM)




Speeding up the process of creating rosters, improving their quality and optimizing the use of human resources.

Possibility to reliably compare the functioning of particular branches of the company.

Increasing the efficiency of internal communication and providing employees with quick access to information.


Limiting the number of errors thanks to the automatic verification of compliance with the Labour Code, internal regulations or the availability of particular employees.

Eliminating the risk of using inaccurate or different data thanks to the creation of a coherent base and integration with internal systems.

Introduction of employee self-service allowed the management team to save a significant amount of time and the employees, who always have access to up-to-date information (about holidays, current schedule and its possible changes) were more satisfied.

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